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OCTOBER 22-25, 2019


OPENBIO is a complex of events aimed at tangible results in the development of business, science and technological cooperation in biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, and related industries. Here new ideas are born, connections are established, partnerships are formed, joint projects are discussed, agreements and contracts are signed.

As they say in Russia, a picture is worth a thousand words

OPENBIO was born and is held in Novosibirsk region, in Science town Koltsovo.

The companies of the Science town specialize in the development and production in life sciences. This is why Koltsovo is a center of regional biopharmaceutical cluster, and where the forum OpenBio is held annually. Koltsovo is located 25 km away from the city center of Novosibirsk and 10 km away from the famous Akademgorodok.

Scientific and technical, experimental and industrial core of Koltsovo is the State research center of virology and biotechnology Vector. The institute is renowned for its unique potential and scientific capabilities. It is the only in Russia WHO H5 Reference laboratory. The Vector research prompted the creation of dozens of innovative companies producing diagnostic kits, vaccines, therapeutics, veterinary bioproducts, functional food, cosmetics and balneal products. The high-tech, quality and unique manufacturing methods allowed Koltsovo to become a renowned national brand and promote itself globally

International communications of Science town Koltsovo are operated by Innovation center Koltsovo (ICK). ICK is a regional contact point of EEN.
Each year Koltsovo welcomes dozens of international delegations.

OPENBIO communication platform, launched in 2014, was immediately listed as the event of EU-Russia Year of Science; it attracted scientists, businessmen, residents of technoparks, representatives of venture capital funds and private investors, public authorities, and associations. Since its launch, it has truly become a sectoral platform for international communications.

OPENBIO is a federal event with extensively growing international participation

Here are statistics to get to know more about the event:

OPENBIO-2019 saw:

More than 940 attendees and participants
More than 250 experts
21 regions of Russia
8 countries
10 institutions of development, including Skolkovo, RVC, ASI, 7 professional associations and unions
165 PhDs
30 doctorates and academicians
236 representatives of sectoral businesses

OPENBIO are open dialogues for business, science, infrastructure, and authorities.

The complex of events includes:

  • Forum for business, science, authorities, and infrastructure. Trends and acute questions are discussed; ideas and opinions are shared; further development of biotechnological industry is determined here. A number of expert events, reports, and workshops are open for professionals in biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, and medicine.

  • International forum. Annually, within the framework of OPENBIO, a complex of international events is held. It consists of an exposition, b2b-meetings, and round tables for delegates from different countries to present the potential of a company. The forum offers b2b-matching to find relevant partners. The target audience is science-driven and technological businesses from the Siberian region and all over Russia, scientific and research institutes and universities.

  • International conference for young scientists on virology, molecular biology and biotechnology traditionally gathers participants from different Russian regions and other countries. Every year the kick-off lectures are given by leading scientists. Participation is open for young scientists (up to 35 years) with promising research in life sciences (expert selection by abstracts).

  • Exposition is annually held as a part of OPENBIO. Organizations and companies which work in biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotech equipment, medicine, functional food, cosmetics industry, agriculture, and veterinary are invited to participate.



Koltsovo is a European-like town in the heart of Siberia. It is a pleasant place to live, work and realize personal goals. A professional association Biopharm is headquartered here, as well as regional business incubator and regional Biotechnopark. Innovative manufacturing is located here; local residents have high levels of education and trust to authorities, share the feeling of responsibility for the comfortable environment and investment attractiveness of Koltsovo. The mayor of Koltsovo is personally responsible for contacts with international investors. Here rhetoric matches the deeds, here international projects and investments are not hoped for, they are advanced.

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